Premium Pay Rates
RNs earn up to $52.00 per hour, LPNs earn up to $40 per hour, CMAs earn up to $20 per hour, and CNAs earn up to $18 per hour.

401(k) Plan with Matching
With our 401(k) Plan with matching your contributions to the plan! This benefit enables you to start saving for your retirement while lowering your tax burden at the same time! Call us for details or for an enrollment packet.

Liability Insurance
While working for Prestige Healthcare Staffing you will be covered by our liability insurance provider.

Workers Compensation
All employees are covered under our workers compensation policy. If you are injured while working for Prestige Healthcare Staffing simply go to the hospital’s employee health department and complete the necessary forms. All bills will be paid for by Prestige Healthcare Staffing.

Referral Bonus Plan
YOU are our best source of referrals and we want to reward both you and your referrals for helping meet the needs of our busy facilities. Earn up to $250.00 for each RN, $200.00 for each LPN, and $150 for CMA/CNA per referral quarterly.

Quarterly Work Incentive Bonus Plan
This bonus is based on the number of hours you work each quarter. You could potentially earn up to $2,000.00 per year in bonuses! Think you’ve earned a bonus?

Direct Deposit
Employees may choose to have their pay checks sent directly to their bank account(s) every week. All employees are immediately eligible for this benefit upon working their first shift.

View My Paycheck
View My Paycheck makes it easy for employees to have 24/7 online access to paycheck and W-2 info. Employees can simply sign in to their ViewMyPaycheck account and see any current or prior pay stubs and W-2 documents.

Paid Orientations
Many facilities now require an orientation. Prestige Healthcare Staffing will compensate you for the time you spend orienting to new facilities. You will be paid 1/2 the day shift rate for your specialty per hour after you work your first shift at the facility.