Healthcare Administrators: FAQ

How can Prestige Healthcare Staffing help my facility?
Staffing your facilities is hard enough without having to deal with problems with the agencies you use. Prestige Healthcare Staffing is here to help.
We know that running a healthcare facility can be stressful. We understand the importance of having qualified and experienced staff available when you need them. Our screening process ensures that your facility will have access to the best nurses and certified nursing assistants.
Our candidates are licensed or certified, and local to your area. Whether you need staff for an unexpected call out or for gaps in your shifts, we have you covered.

We can assure you by offering you Healthcare Providers that are excellent caregivers and an office staff that will always respond to your needs in a timely, professional manner – and with bill rates that are among the lowest in the industry.

What can I get from Prestige Healthcare Staffing that my current agency doesn’t offer me?
From the prompt and professional manner in which you are treated by our office to the qualified and reliable Healthcare Employees we send to work in your facilities. You will notice the difference that Prestige Healthcare Staffing makes in your facility.

Fair billing practices: We guarantee that you will not receive one bill rate increase during the duration of our one year contract.

Like your facility, we never close: We have office staff working 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are always accessible. Orders can be sent by fax, e-mail, or can be called in to our office. You will never have to talk to voicemail or wait on hold for minutes at a time as you go through a telephone prompt system. We are here for you when you need us.

How are employees incidents handled by your company?
No one is perfect and there may be times one of our employees will make an error while working at your facility. The most important thing about these situations is that they are handled properly by someone who is qualified to do so. Your clinical contact at Prestige Healthcare Staffing is Aryanna Myrick, VP of Operations. She handles all clinical issues herself and makes sure that the healthcare facilities feedback is provided to our caregiver in a timely manner. All incidents are documented and placed in the employees file in case further questions arise in the future.

How are your nurses screened to ensure that we are getting qualified Healthcare Providers?
All Healthcare Employees who apply with Prestige Healthcare Staffing must have at least one year current experience in their specialty. They are tested with nationally validated clinical exams created by Prophecy Health. These tests were developed to determine a healthcare professional’s skill and qualification in their specialty, and their capacity to utilize and apply their knowledge to deliver safe and effective patient care. These exams identify the most important aspect of each clinical specialty. The healthcare provider must meet or exceed the unmodified Angoff score on each exam they take.

Healthcare employees are also required to complete a skills inventory and provide us with two professional references (one must be a supervisor). Applicants must also supply us with their RN /LPN License/CNA/CMA Certification, CPR Card, ACLS Card, proof of immunity to Rubella, Rubeola, Hepatitis B, Varicella, a negative Urine Drug Screen, an annual physical, and an annual TB test. They must also pass OSHA and HIPPA tests. Every one of these items must be in their file before we allow them to work a shift.

As required by JCAHO, we also do Criminal Background, Office of Inspector General, Sex Offender, SAM and IDFPR Checks.

Speaking of JCAHO, what kind of documentation will you send us on the Healthcare Providers who staff at our facility?
Every provider who staffs at your facility is required to bring their license and CPR card with them to every shift. In addition, we will send you a JCAHO report that our computer program creates on every employee to document their credentials. If you require actual hard copies of their credentials in addition to the JCAHO report, we are more than happy to fax or email those to you upon request. We are certified by JCAHO as a Health Care Staffing Service so you can trust that our employees’ credentials are kept up to date.

How do we start using Prestige Healthcare Staffing?
Simply call our office or email and we can arrange a meeting at your convenience to discuss how we can assist you and answer any other questions you may have. If you feel comfortable with our company and would like to sign a contract, we can fax and/or mail a copy of our standard contract to you. Many facilities utilize their own supplemental staffing contracts that have already been approved by their legal department and we are happy to sign one of your contracts.